Capacity and Estimated Annual Production


Capacity of Nir PV plant is chosen to be 10 MW. Several reasons contribute to the chosen capacity by Kish Solar Trading Co experts. Higher proposed price for purchasing the generated electricity by Iranian Renewable Energy Organization (SUNA), smaller amount of investment, limitation of substation capacity, and smaller payback period time are all responsible for choosing 10 MW capacity for Nir PV plant.


Since solar irradiation in almost every around the world is not the same through the whole year, the output of PV plants experiences some fluctuations. Although the output of PV plants during summer is greater than winter, the loss due to increment of temperature of PV panels and ohmic loss increase. Hence, the output of some PV plants could be smaller during some months in comparison with those in other months.
The following figure shows the output of the PV plant through the whole year and monthly.


Performance Ratio

Performance ratio (PR) is another crucial parameter in determining the performance of a PV plant. The PR parameter fluctuates between 0-1 and it is neither constant during a year nor in its life time span. Typically, the PR in a normal PV plant is between 0.75-0.85. However, Nir PV plant simulation indicates that it is about 0.865 which is a high ratio for a PV plant. Wisely and meticulously choosing the location, quality of PV panels and inverters, and tilt angle are all together lead to obtain such a magnificent PR.

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