Site Location

Site Location

Site location of project is in Nir, Yazd province at the center of Iran that the climate conditions highly suitable for the purpose of Photo voltaic Plant Establishment.

The province has one of the greatest electricity facilities in Iran. There are several noticeably high capacity thermal power plants in the province. However, since Iran is located in a desert region, it suffers from water resources shortage. As many of thermal power plants, either steam turbines or combined cycles, use a lot of water to generate electricity, and also Yazd province imports water from other neighboring provinces such as Isfahan, a PV plant located near consumers with respect to magnificent conditions for establishing PV plants in Yazd province, it could lower the amount of consumed water in the region. In addition, as high peak of electricity consumption in the district is at noon, a PV plant could cope with electricity peak demand.

The following figure ‎shows site location, solar irradiation and average temperature of PV Plant.


  • Solar irradiation in Nir district is so precious reaching ~2300 kwh/m2. This high value is so advantageous since solar irradiation has a direct relation to current density. As solar irradiation increases, so efficiency and the amount of generated electricity increase follows from increment of current density.
  • Temperature during different seasons will lead to fluctuations of output electricity of a PV plant. Average annual temperature in Nir district is ~13.2o The lowest average temperature during a month happens in January; which is about ~0.5oC. And the highest average temperature during a month occurs in July; which is 25.5oC.
  • High altitude above the sea level, which is 2200 (m) in Nir district, results in better performance of PV panels. More photons could reach the surface of PV panels, those which are more likely to absorbed by panels. Thus, higher generated electricity would be the result.