The Electric Holding Company of Generation, Transmission & Distribution (TAVANIR)

TAVANIR was established to organize the supervisory activities of the government in the fields of operation and development of the Electric Power Industry. It conducts the affiliated companies and utilizes facilities of the Electric Power Industry of the country.

Currently the company is responsible for the management of Regional Electric Companies, Generation Management Companies, Distribution Companies, Iran Power Development Co. (IPDC), Renewable Energy Organization of Iran (SUNA), Iran Energy Efficiency Organization (SABA), Iran Power Plant Project Management (MAPNA) and Iran Power Plant Repairs Co. Based on this arrangement all shares of aforesaid companies have been transferred to TAVANIR. The General Assembly of TAVANIR is composed of:

  • The Minister of Energy (Chairman the Assembly)
  • The Minister of Assets and Economy
  • The Head of Management & Planning Organization of the country
  • The Minister of Oil
  • The Minister of Mine and Industries